Leveraging the Evolving Social Media Landscape

August 1, 2014

It seems as if every day brings another announcement regarding a new social media application or platform. Sites such as BranchOut, which claims it can help Facebook users leverage their profiles and friends to land their next job, and the Q&A-format site Quora are among those making recent headlines. And just staying on top of the ways in which Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter continually change could be a full-time job alone.

While the growing social media landscape may seem daunting to many employers, that’s no reason to shy away from developing a long-term social recruiting strategy. At CKR, we’ve helped a number of clients launch effective programs by following a step-by-step process that involves research, analysis, planning and evaluation — the same steps you would take to implement any other recruitment-related initiative. Here’s what we recommend:

#1. Get a sense of the landscape. Your first step should be to fully understand what’s being said about your employer brand — yes, you’re already being talked about even if you have never used social media as an organization — and how it compares with what’s being said about your competition.

#2. Define realistic goals for your program and determine how you will measure success. You need to establish clear expectations for your social recruiting program that are based on a range of factors such as available resources, current and projected openings and your particular target audiences. These factors will also likely shape how you want to measure success, which should be determined now rather than after you’ve launched a program. There are numerous metrics you can use to evaluate your success and you’ll want to get buy-in from all stakeholders prior to the launch of your program to avoid complications down the road.

#3. Create your action plan. Finally, you’re ready to outline the specifics of your program and determine which tactics you’ll be using for your efforts. Your plan should cover social recruiting policies, best practices and tips for your recruiters and an editorial calendar that can keep you on track and ensure that you are providing content of value to your target audiences.

Also, make sure that during the planning phase you consider all of the opportunities that exist for integrating social media and user-generated content into your entire recruitment marketing program. For example, think about how your corporate career site can be improved by adding social characteristics. A static career site will only bore today’s job seeker. Offer a blog, which will provide the ability for visitors to post comments, or create an interactive FAQs section. Make your site experience richer and bring your culture to life through video footage generated by current employees. Or, let users personalize their own content — you could implement functionality that helps job seekers visualize how their career path might evolve over time at your organization.

Basically, the opportunities for a social career site are endless and should be part of your social recruiting discussions.

#4. Monitor and measure your success. Once you’ve launched your program, start measuring your success by monitoring results and reviewing them against the goals and metrics you defined early on as being critical to your efforts. Your analysis should help you both demonstrate the areas in which you excel and those that could use improvement. Remember, this is an ongoing communications effort so you’ll find that you are continually tweaking your tactics and reshaping your program to reflect what you learn through your evaluation.

About the Author

With nearly 15 years of experience, Kendra Van Nostran oversees account planning and research for CKR Interactive (http://www.ckrinteractive.com) clients. She conducts secondary market research and audience analyses to arrive at strategic solutions for employers in response to a range of recruiting challenges. Today, her work encompasses employee engagement and retention, and she counsels clients on novel approaches to reducing turnover and fostering engagement through customized and innovative programs, such as applying web 2.0 features and functionality to corporate intranets. Prior to joining the agency in 2007, Kendra held a number of marketing and communication roles in agency, nonprofit and university settings. A published author, her work has appeared in Communication World and ERE.net. She holds a M.A. in Culture and Communication from New York University and is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).


Steps of Staffing Function of Management

July 30, 2014

You agree that staffing management is one of the functions of management. It is through the combination of materials, money, machines and men that ensures the growth and survival of any organization. The success and failures of an organization depends on these resources. The employment of suitable manpower is necessary for efficiency use of other resources. This is only possible through staffing management.

Staffing is defined as that function of personnel management which is involved in recruiting, selecting, developing, training and compensating employees of any organization. Of course, it’s correct to say that it mans by keeping the right type of employees at the right job and at the right place.

Due to ever growing technology that has brought about complexity in many organizations, there has been the tendency of the employees in depending on one another. As they depend on one another, many problems associated with their work always arise. There is a challenge on how to eliminate or keep at minimal employee’s problems. This is what brings about the need of personnel managers in any organization.

Steps Followed by Personnel Managers

The first step is to determine the type of executive needed for the job. The organization chart shows the duties and responsibilities associated with each post. The chart makes personnel manager work easy when drafting the educational qualifications and experience regarding each vacant post to be filled.

The Second step is doing manpower inventory. In this stage, the personnel manager prepares the catalogue of talents in the organization. She notes the present potential capabilities of employees so as to find their future suitability in the organization.

In the third stage, the personnel manager develops subordinate managers who later on occupy higher managerial posts. This should be done well in advance so as to overcome the turnover of senior managers. If she is unable to find the right employees, then she considers outsourcing. She outsources in advance so as to be able to train them on time in order to avoid being caught off guard.

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Henry Ford – Flawed Genius

July 30, 2014

Henry Ford was born today in 1863.
He is credited with innovations in mass production which made consumer goods widely available to mass markets. Consumerism was to Ford the route to World Peace.
Motivational text books are peppered with his bon mots.
Confusingly though this giant of American Industry became an obsessive anti-Semite. He bought a newspaper, the Dearborn Independent which he used to reprint the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion These papers fomented a conspiracy theory about a malign force within the Jewish Community which was hell bent on creating a World Government.
He made several outrageous attacks on Jewish interests. Ford was even presented with the Order of the German Empire by the Nazis.
How do we comprehend a man who states?
“I believe God is managing affairs and that He doesn’t need any advice from me. With God in charge, I believe everything will work out for the best in the end. So what is there to worry about”?
“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own”.
But is also happy to say to baseball fans-
“If fans wish to know the trouble with American baseball they have it in three words–too much Jew.”
In “The Unknown Self”, George Frankl, the noted psychoanalyst and philosopher argues that virulent anti-Semitic views from an otherwise extraordinarily talented man may take root in early childhood.
He certainly had to deal with serious trauma in his youth. Ford was devastated when his mother died in 1876. His father expected him to eventually take over the family farm, but he despised farm work. He told his father, “I never had any particular love for the farm–it was the mother on the farm I loved.”
Frankl argues that extreme views in which another group have projected upon them the ills of the World are in fact a symbolic representation of all the repressed and unmentionable elements of one’s inner life. Ford’s parental conflict and the loss of his mother would certainly have been extremely difficult to embrace during his formative years.
What we are unable to bring to consciousness within ourselves we see outside in other things – people, places or things. The resolution of his internal dialogue may have found an outlet in his weird politics.
This is not an apology for Ford’s ant-semitic views nor is it an explanation but rather a theory that Frankl puts forward. He contends that we are all looking for the same thing – unconditional love. When it is denied to us as infants we experience a surge of raging energy which we use to dig deep below the skin to find in the form of Mother’s good milk. The intensity of this force is difficult to integrate into our personality so we project it into other things which we believe to be alien, inferior and unclean. Ford may have projected his dark side in this way.
These conflicts between the outer and inner life of great men is what makes studying them so fascinating. The process of study is also self-revelatory as it forces the questioning of our own sometimes inexplicably contradictory thinking.

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Peter Urey – 14 years sales and marketing veteran with Hewlett Packard now offering guidance on sales, marketing and management. http://www.thefearlesspartnership.com


Basic School Science and Lab Equipment

July 30, 2014

Two major considerations need to be taken into account when equipping a high school science or biology laboratory. The first is the curriculum and what experiments need to be demonstrated and the second is how many children will be in each class.

It is generally desirable to have no more than two or three students using each set of equipment. There should also be enough clean beakers, etc, so that time is not wasted in the short time allotted to the experiment by having to re-wash and clean equipment.

While there may be certain items of equipment unique to some of the experiments that the students will cover in the year, there are some basic items that you will find in virtually every school science laboratory.

Every laboratory should be close to emergency washing and even showering facilities. In addition, the lab should be equipped with an eyewash station.

Then there are the safety procedures that the teacher should be familiar with, as well as all safety equipment that would be necessary for himself and for each student. These include safety glasses, appropriate gloves when necessary for some experiments, lab coats to protect clothing and fire extinguishing equipment for all types of fires likely to occur.

The glassware that is normally part of a laboratory includes:

* Test tubes and graduated cylinders.
* Beakers, graduated in 50ml to 400ml capacities.
* Flasks of varying types, such as Florance flasks with rounded bottoms for heating substances, graduated Erlenmeyer flasks, Filter flasks with and without vacuum connections and/or taps. Volumetric flasks have a precise graduation mark for a specific amount of whatever substance is being measured.
* Pipettes; these come in single graduation for delivering one exact volume, called a Volumetric pipette. Then you get graduated pipettes which can hold different volumes of liquid, called a Mohr pipette.
* To go with the pipettes you get pipette bulbs or pipette fillers for sucking liquids into the pipettes.
* There are evaporating dishes and watch glasses that do the same things, but in much smaller quantities.
* Funnels and filter funnels.
* Stirring rods and chemical spoons.

Apart from the various items of graduated glassware, other measurements need to be taken as well. Electronic scales and balances are used to find out mass. There are a number of electronic instruments available for measuring dimensions, pH and moisture, among those things that may be relevant to the students’ experiments.

Bunsen burners are used in almost every school laboratory, and all the paraphernalia that goes with them, such as hoses, ring stands, a variety of clamps and supports, and wire gauze.

Other equipment includes crucibles with tongs, a variety of racks for test tubes and flasks, pestles and mortars, and stoppers of all kinds with and without holes for glass tubing.

Then you need the cleaning brushes and other equipment and appropriate cleaning agents for cleaning the laboratory apparatus.

Many school laboratories make use of microscopes and computers as well, depending on what experiments they are covering.

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How to pass a background check

July 29, 2014

Today most of the employers, up to 79% of t0he respondents according to a report, perform a background check on the employees and most of the employees still don’t know how to pass a background check. Some companies scan through what a person has done in the last 10 years making competition even tougher. This is why it is imperative that you know how to pass a background check. Though this might seem unfair on the company’s part of the five million background checks that were performed in 2005, around 50% of them found false data. In this article we will see how to pass a background check.

Most of the cases passing a background check can be done by just following a few simple guidelines. These include the easiest one of just telling the truth, you can get through any background check by just being honest. You cannot expect to pass a background check by bluffing as the employer will see through your bluff and you will not pass the background check.

The second way to pass a background check is to make sure that your resume is complete, that is provide as much history as possible about education and previous employment. Always provide the complete details of every academic institute that you have studied in making sure to provide all the necessary contact information, the same goes for every employer that you have worked for.

To pass a background check account for any time gaps between jobs and make sure you tell the employer or company what you were doing at that particular point of time. Most employers view unexplained gaps in between jobs with suspicion and this could result in you not passing the background check. This gains even more importance if the time between the jobs is up to 3 months or more. So always make sure you specify what you were doing during this time.

If you are citing references in your resume always make sure that they vouch for you as you potential employer would most likely call your referral just to make sure that what you told was true. In order to pass the background check make sure that your references are ready for any enquiries about you. You should also inform them of the potential skills and attributes you would like them to highlight about you. Also it would be a good idea to contact you previous employer and make sure that their records are in order before you mention the reference to your potential employer. In short make sure that your past references can answer any question regarding you.

So if you want to know how to pass a background check just follow these simple guidelines and you should be able to clear most of the background checks without many problems. Although, these guidelines are easy and simple to follow, most people don’t which results in them failing their background checks. So better safe than sorry.

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I love writing articles and spending time with my family. I also enjoy fishing and do boat repair for a living.
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Understanding the Significance of Tax Compliance Services

July 28, 2014

Given the growing number of complex issues to manage, many organizations are struggling to strike a balance between addressing mandatory reporting requirements and focusing on value-add tax planning. Tax planning is a year-round event if you want to minimize your business’s tax bill. Compared to local markets, doing business internationally presents some unique challenges as global enterprises are usually beleaguered with qualms concerning tax compliance. They need to ensure that all tax forms are filed and payments paid to the respective country and employees. A tax compliance service provider understands the diverse taxation systems in different countries, and can provide the best solutions in filing tax returns quickly with no problems.

When operating in different countries, it is essential to keep abreast with the ever-changing rules, regulations and tax laws. It is important to make certain that the tax policies, programs and practices are legislatively compliant .Built-in mandatory and statutory compliance checks at the point of data entry, along with reporting on non-compliant items and regular updates on legislative changes, aids in overall compliance. A global enterprise would need the help of a professional whether it’s surviving an audit, capitalizing on business deductions, or finding tax-friendly ways to run the business, to help reduce tax obligations and make paying taxes less anxiety provoking. Global enterprises need able tax compliance services partners who can provide such intelligence. These services providers can provide solutions that can meet the guidelines to avoid any payment of fines or penalties in the different countries. With tax compliance services, your organization can enjoy scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient options to address shifts in your tax compliance support needs. Having the proficient knowledge and global understanding in tax issues, these services can help many global enterprises to navigate easily through the complexities involved in fulfilling compliance obligations for their diverse and widely spread out compensation and employee benefit plans.

With the right service provider, your organization to create an approach that can enhance your ability to understand, and plan for, potential tax liabilities and refunds. Such information can be helpful as you project cash flow as well as manage your overall tax situation. An expert team of professionals can serve your organizations based on your specific needs, industry, areas of operation, and other factors that are important. The service provider not only offers the enterprise optimized and effective tax planning, consulting and tax compliance services but also offers planning of employee benefits consulting, etc. Global businesses can have the benefit of improved efficiencies and better work atmosphere worldwide with these services.

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A Discussion on Finger Food Caterers and their Services

July 27, 2014

Finger food caterers are currently the most popular catering options available today for organizing certain events like reception parties and seminars.
One of the most obvious reasons in choosing the finger food caterers is their cost effectiveness. They are much cheaper than the normal catering services available.
As finger foods are preferable eaten by fingers, the option of organizing huge cutleries and plates of ceramic or other metals are not required. This in addition helps to save much of the cost also. Finger foods list consists of certain unique delicious items that are surely to be love by the masses as well as the classes. But before choosing the finger food items, you should also be a little bit careful as there are certain finger foods which are very expensive.
Finger foods are extremely flexible if you talk about its serving time. The finger food caterers can serve these delicacies as evening snacks or as appetizers before the standard full meals or may even be served in between or after the full meals.
If the duration of the event is only for small span of time, then the finger food catering service is mainly preferred. The finger food caterers can organize for some variety of items without much cost involved. The serving will be absolutely flexible and will match with the short time span of the event.
It is highly advised that while you think of organizing finger foods in any event, always opt for specialized finger food caterers. It is so because being specialized, these caterers can provide you with the total estimated cost for the service and also the type of finger foods that will be appropriate with the theme of the event. Also they can guide you through the amount they will be preparing for the number of guests that are invited in the event.
Other than these, the professional finger food caterers provide the best skills in not only preparing the foods but also in presenting the food before the guests in an appropriate manner.
Finger foods are a great and popular choice in business functions nowadays. In case of special meetings, seminars or corporate hospitality events, the finger food catering services are doing enormously well. This helps the organizations arranging for these events, to save a lot of their cost in the food and refreshment meals.
Moreover, these finger food catering services have an unique style which matches with the professional attire.
So, if you want to organize small events (whether professional or personal), you surely can go for the finger food catering services as these will have a unique compact look and will save a lot of your budgetary condition.

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The Best Ways to Develop Engaged Employees

July 27, 2014

Many in the business world accept that the success of a commercial venture is heavily dependent on the people working within it. People are what make a business successful, whether it is the lowest paid employees within the organization or senior management. Engaged employees are usually happy employees who are more productive as they have a natural and genuine interest in the fortunes of the organization.

Staff becomes engaged because of a number of issues and it is essential that business owners and managers utilize these emotions. However, the first part of ensuring that people are connected with a common goal is to get recruitment right. Recruiting should include a number of questions aimed at getting an understanding of a person’s motivations and desires.

For instance, in retail and hospitality, many large corporations include questions based on a candidate’s knowledge and passion for the brand or product. A large coffee shop chain will want to know that a candidate likes drinking coffee, otherwise they will likely never be engaged in the role. The same goes for many industries.

Once recruited, communication is key to ensuring that levels of engagement do not wane. For instance, change is often unpopular with workers. However they are far more likely to buy into change when the reasons for it and the potential benefits are clearly laid out. Although workers may obey direct orders, their productivity may drop if these changes aren’t properly communicated.

Communication of a wider corporate goal is also often necessary. This goes a long way to making workers feel they are an important part of a larger entity. Common corporate goals are often communicated in the form of a mission statement. This is usually a concise declaration of the ultimate goal of an organization that is usually no more than three or four sentences long.

Some businesses believe their workers can become engaged in their duties and goals with financial incentives. While this may be in part true, it is unlikely that fiscal reward on its own will keep people happy if they resent their bosses, general duties or working environment. Reward and public recognition often go a long way towards improving confidence and morale of employees.

Perhaps the most effective gesture a company can make towards its employees is by soliciting feedback and suggestions for improvements and efficiencies. When this is done, staff often believes their views are being taken seriously. In some cases, suggestions can often be implemented, giving a workforce a sense of ownership and of playing an integral role in the direction and success of an organization.

Instilling a sense of pride and passion in a brand, product or ethos is vital in delivering engaged employees. If workers are simply there to pick up a pay check once a month, they will often put the minimum of effort into their tasks and responsibilities. If people enjoy what they do and feel empowered to shape the direction of a company, they are far more likely to produce better results and work to the best of their ability.

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College Placement And The Effect That Has On Jobs For College Grads

July 26, 2014

College placement is perhaps the single, most important event in the life of a high school student about to enter college. A student’s choice of college and courses of study when in college will determine the availability of jobs for college grads to that student, and could very well determine the student’s career path for the rest of his or her life. This is the reason why many parents become slightly manic when it comes to college placement, as they are determined for their children to be placed into a college, in a competitive and rewarding course of study.

College placement is something that many high school students do not even think about until they reach the end of their high school career. It is only then that their thoughts turn to college placement, because their move from high school to college is just around the corner. It is this urgency that finally drives many high school students to start finding out about colleges and potential career choices. By that time, it is usually too little, too late.

How to go about obtaining good college placement? This is one major reason why you must do well in high school and obtain good grades in your college placement tests. These tests determine the range of colleges that are available to you, and you only get one chance at them. How good your college placement is really depends on which colleges will accept you, and this is based largely on the grades you score on the college placement tests.

You also need to think about jobs for college grads when you consider which colleges to apply for, because your courses of study in college are directly linked to the jobs for college grads that you will qualify for once you graduate. Information is the key to making a decision here, and you would do well to sign up with a website like UGROWU, which has a large database of information on various companies and career choices, and even provide a mentoring service. This mentoring service is extremely useful for students who will base their choice of colleges on their potential career paths after college.

Professional mentors can give students a better idea of the kind of jobs for college grads they will have access to when graduating from a certain college having completed a certain set of courses.

Choosing the right college is the single most important choice that will affect the jobs for college grads available to a student. Many companies choose to hire most of their employees from a certain set of colleges, and if you are interested in a particular company or a particular industry, then you will need to find out which colleges produce graduates who most often find jobs in that company or industry.

Finally, you can make use of UGROWU to connect with your peers, and talk to other students in the same situation as you are and hear their thoughts about certain things. Often, simply hearing things from a different perspective will help you gain new insight into a particular decision that has to be made.

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Business and Estate Lawyers in Utah

July 26, 2014

1.Look for experienced attorneys who specialize in the area of your particular need.

This seems obvious, but true. The law is too broad to be practiced well by a generalist. All attorneys specialize to some degree. Make sure that those specialties line up with your needs. Parsons Kinghorn Harris specializes in small businesses, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, bankruptcy, water resource issues, health care law, taxation, trust and estate issues, domestic relations, employment, and local government law. For each shareholder’s and associate’s particular areas of emphasis, please see the attorney profiles.

2. Make sure you need an attorney.

Why isn’t this tip first? Because sometimes you need to talk to an attorney to find out if you actually need legal counsel. A good attorney will listen to your needs and then recommend the best solution to your problem. Sometimes, the best solution won’t be hiring an attorney–or at least not yet. Many legal resources and services exist that can be accessed attorney-free. At Parsons Kinghorn Harris, our top priority is solving your problems. If those problems require our services, we’ll happily take your business. If they don’t, we’ll just as happily point you in the right direction to get them solved.

3. Responsiveness matters.

You wouldn’t be looking to hire legal counsel if you didn’t have a pressing need or concern. Make sure the attorneys you contact respond to your phone calls and correspondence in a timely manner. Sometimes the legal process can be maddeningly slow. However, having an attorney who keeps you regularly updated on progress (even if just to say there isn’t any at the moment) can provide tremendous peace of mind. Our attorneys pride themselves on their responsiveness and customer service. Our clients sometimes say it almost feels like our offices are just down the hall.

4. Billing matters.

Legal services can be expensive, but when it comes to hiring counsel, you often get what you pay for. That being said, all billing should be fair and clearly explained. If you have questions, they should be answered candidly and promptly. The attorneys at Parsons Kinghorn Harris are neither the least nor the most expensive on the market. However, we earn what we bill, and we’re happy to show you why.

5. Personality matters.

Finding and hiring legal counsel isn’t easy. Ideally, you’ll feel comfortable working with the attorney you hire for years. Some attorneys are unapproachable. Those attorneys don’t work at Parsons Kinghorn Harris.
For more information and advice, please feel free to contact us at 801-363-4300 or mail@pkhlawyers.com. We’ll do what we can to help.

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