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April 19, 2014

Payroll outsourcing has emerged strongly as a means of ensuring the right monthly remuneration for every single employee of a company. The function is drawing huge returns for multi-level and multi-national organizations as it frees their valuable HR professionals and allows them to take part in strategic HR practices. It is imperative for companies wanting to control their costs by increasing efficiency and reducing the risk associated with errors as payroll outsourcing costs less than hiring additional in-house employees for payroll management.

The businesses offering payroll outsourcing services function as a remote team, applying best payroll management practices and technology solutions without any need of software upgrade or direct investment from client’s end. Businesses which outsource payroll management to an external agency free themselves from the clutches of governmental taxation penalties as these concerns are addressed by the outsourcing company. At the same time, valid accounting ensures healthy employee relationship.

The minute details of indexing, tracking of each employee’s file and overall company accounts is efficiently handled by the outsourcing company. Another vital aspect of payroll outsourcing is the need for information confidentiality. It’s a must that your payroll outsourcing firm follows confidentially agreements with its internal resources and deploys privacy policies, as they are handling sensitive and highly confidential corporate information about your company.

However, handing over the crucial responsibility of payroll processing is a major responsibility for the outsourcing organization. In light of the given importance of payroll outsourcing to every business, this is not an area that you would want to get wrong. Hence, you need to look out for a trusted and well-established recruitment outsourcing provider. PeopleStrong is India’s leading HR BPO services company, delivering professional services through best-in-class technology to ensure convenience and peace of mind. Clients gain access to our payroll specialists dedicated to ensuring they meet their statutory obligations.

It works with it’s clients by agreeing to their service level agreements which allow clients have complete control over payroll processes. Their service offerings have consistently added substantial value to client businesses through improved service delivery quality while reducing cost of operations.

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Best Jobs For Multilinguals

April 19, 2014

Arabic nations are well into understanding the benefits of going multilingual, because of which appropriate jobs are also being made available to those who have the skills, like multilingual jobs Dubai. While Arabic still forms the prime language that is spoken in such nations, the corporates who are willing to expand beyond the usual, have stressed on employing those individuals who have the ability to communicate in different languages not only from the East but also of the West. English, Spanish, French etc are very much in demand. Being a part of the global village, it is necessary for the upcoming professionals in these areas of the world to arm themselves with the knowledge of reading, writing and communicating in different languages. This is a good reason why multilingual teaching jobs are among the many employments that are in demand. There are numerous schools and colleges that hire trainers to impart lessons in foreign communication.

The job of translator and interpreter is also in demand in these nations. There are plenty of books and scripts of other languages that are translated in native language almost every day, for the benefit of the readers in the particular country. Hence, the job of a translator is usually very attractive and anyone with multilingual abilities can apply and make the best of it. As an interpreter, a candidate can land with a high paying profession. These professionals usually travel with dignitaries to nations all over the world and help the former communicate their message to the people of other nationalities. More languages a candidate knows, greater will be his / her scope to obtain translator jobs of higher profile and pay. Expertise on the language is also important to determine how it can be used. Take for instance, hospitality industry like in the form of hotels and restaurants, require only basic skills of communication. In this respect, if a candidate knows how to make basic communication can get the job. However, to be an interpreter and travel around the world with dignitaries and public figures, one needs to have greater understanding, reading and writing abilities and also a certification to establish the mastery of the candidate over the language.

Customer service is another field where multilingual skills are invited. The Arabic nations are very well known for everything nice they have to provide to the tourists and shoppers. Hence, they need people who can communicate with the visitors from other nations with ease and comfort. This tends to make the visitors feel at home and less inhibited at being in a different country and among different people. Same can be said about jobs at the airport. Employees there have to guide people of varying nationalities about a number of different problems and queries they may have. Many of the latter may not be equipped with the understanding of the native language of the place they have come to visit. Hence, it is in the part of the professionals within the country to be able to understand them than the other way round. Multilingual jobs Dubai also revolves around these openings. Thousands of people who have been trained in different languages of the world are making the best of these opportunities.

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Mr. Dan Whitehouse is an expert of Multilingual jobs Dubai in the UK. His in-depth knowldge in more than a few languages makes him a renowned figure among the multilingual speakers in London.


Becoming a Field Guide in South Africa

April 19, 2014

When looking for a career in South Africa`s wildlife industry there are several things you need to consider. The first question is, what are your interests and aspirations? The industry can seem quite romantic at times but the reality is quite different. You need to consider your personality type. Also bear in mind your ability to deal with people and remote locations. And whether you are driven by conservation ideals and principles.

Once you have a particular career path lined up. Consider the necessary qualifications. One of the most popular choices for a wildlife based career in South Africa is Field Guiding. Field Guiding is the general all-purpose Game-Ranger-type-position. This occupation involves becoming and expert in animal /plant identification and behaviour and then teaching and interpreting this knowledge to others. Here is some guidance for the prospective Field Guide.

The first step is to become accredited. In order to become accredited you need to become an applicant member with FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa). Then you need to write your FGASA level 1 Nature Guide theory examination. You will then be practically assessed once you have compleated the theoretical part. Your practical assessments are carried out by a registered FGASA assessor of your choice. You will need to take to assessor on a guided nature experience. This will greatly increase your chances for employment for these kinds of Wildlife occupations and jobs.

To further progress in your field guiding career you will need to make higher levels of FGASA accreditation. To progress to Level 2 Nature Guide you need to have a minimum of 260 days active guiding under your belt. Then you need to pass the practical and theoretical requirements of the qualification.

Progressing to Level 3 Nature Guide requires 520 days of active guiding experience. Two examinations need to be passed. Additionally a practical assessments are out in a similar manner to the previous two qualifications.

Employment Wild is a wildlife based recruitment company. It is their job to find lodge staff, lodge jobs, for Africa`s burgeoning wildlife industry.It is Employment Wild`s experience that these qualifications are highly in demand. A FGASA qualification is a great way to get your career in the wildlife industry off the ground. FGASA offers other specialised courses like: Trails Guide, Bird Guide, Culture guide, Marine guide, SKS and others. These courses are a great alternative to more conventional routes and University degrees. For more information on becoming a Field Guide or Game Ranger go to

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Devlin Carton-Barber is the owner of Employment Wild. A company specialising in recruitment for South Africa`s Wildlife industry.Go to and read about Wildlife Jobs and info on hiring lodge staff. To read about Field Guides and Game Ranger jobs. To read about wildlife and Nature Conservation Jobs and qualifications.


The SharePoint Self-Service Portal

April 18, 2014


Are you looking for a way to fasten repetitive processes and greatly reduce the amount of paperwork you generate on a daily basis? The solution is 365Kin SharePoint solution, a web based human resources system developed to meet the needs of your HR department. This user friendly technology will allow your company to automate timely repetitive processes and reduce your daily paperwork load by providing a variety of helpful web based applications. By using 365Kin, you will find immediate solutions to your personnel management challenges and develop more efficient internal processes for your company.

There are many benefits to using 365Kin SharePoint in your business. First, you will see improved productivity throughout your workplace. When your human resources team uses the 365Kin self service portal, they will reduce the amount of time that is spent on repetitive tasks allowing more time for other important activities. Your HR team will be able to mange files and information with just the click of a mouse. In addition, your business will be able to provide better and faster service to your employees through the easy to use, web based format that can be accessed from any computer. The 365Kin system improves team member morale and job satisfaction by providing user friendly tools, such as the ability to request time for holidays and vacations in an electronic format.

Next, 365Kin will improve your company’s data management techniques by providing quick and easy access to a variety of digital files, including resumes, letters, job descriptions, contact information, benefits, organizational policies, performance evaluations, interviews and more. The human resources team will also have the ability to centralize employee records and personal information in a secure setting, as well as record all of the self service transaction requests that come from all of your team members.

The 365Kin self service portal is flexible and easy to use. This software is based on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Foundation. It is a web based solution that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. This unique program is scalable and fully customizable to meet your specific business needs.

This employee self service portal SharePoint is your solution to digital data management. By making the switch to this user friendly, web based technology; your human resources team will develop more efficient processes by automating repetitive process and also eliminate unnecessary paperwork. You’ll enjoy immediate solutions to your personnel management challenges and the benefit of developing more efficient internal processes for your company.

365kin allows your workforce to manage company information in one secure an easy to access location. The SharePoint based HR solution allows your staff to function more efficiently and devote more time to other strategic activities.

To know more about 365kin please visit

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Organizational Structuring-Organizational Restructuring

April 18, 2014

Organizational Structuring is essential for the promotion of creativity along with some innovation. Organization structure leads to many problems which occur as a result of many factors like history, strategy, organic growth, operational design, variety in product, logistics part, marketing, promoting, client and supplier base. The people involved in Organizational Structuring need to have the right attitude and insight for bringing about positive and necessary changes for adapting to the prevalent structure. The organizational structure is mainly of two types: a) mechanistic structures b) organic structures. The former structure implies centralized control whereas the later one refers to decentralization of power.

The various factors that is essential for determining the Organizational Structuring
which include the goal, social customs, beliefs and values of the founders, managers, other constraints relating to the environment and technology. It is a vital factor and determinants that has strong influence on all the other elements. Organizational goals have great influence on the design structure of an organization. In such Organizational Structuring great importance is put on the level of productivity and quality along with the value of the shareholder. Social customs that are prevalent at the time of the birth of the organizational structure is also considered as a determining factor.

Another strong determining and influencing factor of Organizational Structuring mainly includes the belief and values in-built in the people who form the organization. Though there are some constraints that might come up in the way of such organizational structure. This includes legislation, regulation created by the government, orders passed by the court, market traits, issues and norms relating to the society. Technology is another important factor that one needs to consider which can effect the formation of an organization. Such organization structure is essential for performing the tasks and subtasks in an organized manner to culminate into a strategy.

An Organization is just like human system and has similar structure. Organizational Restructuring is essential for bringing about changes in the whole organizational system and its personnels. Organizational Restructuring is about bringing a change in the thought process and belief which can be better referred as the process of learning because it can actually bring about clarity in the whole communication process and within the organization. Organizational Restructuring has a direct effect on the performance of the organization which is hugely dependent on human behavior and bringing about improvement in the performance which requires change in the behavior.

In order to keep up with this constantly changing world, Organizational Restructuring is a vital process. It is about learning on a continuous basis and bringing about the necessary changes to avoid being an obsolete name or become a redundant entity. The leaders essential for bringing about such restructuring and should carefully examine the structure of the organization concerned to provide a healthy environment for organizational learning. Performance appraisal can also be considered an effective organizational tool for giving a boost to this learning process and thereby resulting in improvement. An organizational leader with great vision, purpose and commitment can have a huge impact on the organization to bring about the desired results and changes.

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Do The Benefits Of Working From Home Made You Think To Quit Your Job?

April 17, 2014

Let us discuss instantly the various benefits of working from home that prompted thousands of workers to abandon their regular jobs in favor of devoting to work at home full time.

A couple of factors like freedom and independence are the reasons why there are some employees who prefer to work at home. There are no bosses who will give orders or instructions, and look over the shoulders to check you out. You can set your personal time and tempo, whenever you would start working and when to stop. Being the boss, you can do virtually anything underneath the sun. At the very least, your income capability is nice since you’ll be able to take in a lot of jobs as you like.

Taking care of the youngsters is one motivation that drove many to change careers and change into a stay at home mom or dad. The prospect of being with family members is one thought that’s so irresistible that working from the comforts of home is the perfect route for them to take.

The fixed travelling from house to work every single day is why people choose to work at home instead. So therefore, there is no such thing as a need to get up very early and put on the great clothing since your work area is simply nearby. They can stand up each time they need to and do the work in line with their leisure, aside from the good amount of savings they are going to make from transportation.

If you are into web advertising and marketing and the truth that your workplace is the computer or the laptop, means that you can work anywhere else on the face of the earth. You can take a vacation along with your loved ones within the Carribean and in the event you choose to work anytime you want, you can do it. Working at home is the only option even for those who prefer to travel very often, since you possibly can nonetheless attend to what you are promoting from whatever locations you may be.

Here is an inventory of the remaining benefits of working from home:

1. You do not have to compromise with disagreeable co-workers along with politics within the workplace since these items aren’t current in a work at home setting.
2. You can watch television or listen to radio while working and you’ll eat wholesome dwelling cooked food.
3. You can save on gasoline and work on your pajamas.
4. You can care for the children. Being around when they’re taking their first steps is one second any mother or father would like to see.
5. You have the ability to reduce stress.
6. And lastly, the tax advantages out there is great.

More and more people are starting to making the most of the enormous benefits derived out of working from home by selecting to become freelancers.

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The benefits of working from home far outweigh its drawbacks, with many choosing to offer their experience for sure compensations by becoming freelancers. The opportunities are limitless and possibilities for success are great.


The Importance of Sales Training for Toronto Retailers

April 16, 2014

The essential reason training is seen nonobligatory by so numerous business enterprise owners is because it’s considered more as an expense than an investment. This is entirely understandable when you envision that in many companies, training and development aren’t centered on producing a aimed result for the business. As a solution, business proprietors frequently direct their people to training paths that seem good and sound great without recognizing what to expect in return. But without measurable solutions, it’s virtually unimaginable to view training as anything more than than an disbursal.

Instantly counterpoint that advance to one where training’s considered as a superior investment with serious consideration as to how you’re getting to receive an great value of yield on your investment. And a good place to start your consideration is with a training needs analysis.

As it associates to education and development, a needs analysis is really an result analysis. where you ask yourself what is going to come out of this training (behavioural changes, performance, attitiude, skills, abilities). This practice asks you to make time to think it all over and centre more on your procedures than your merchandises.

As you go over this analysis, study the strong suits and weaknesses in your company and try to identify the deficiencies that, when corrected, represent a possible for top side advance in your business organization. A common area for advance in many companies is aiding supervisors greater manage for performance. Many individuals are advanced into managerial positions as they are technically good at their tasks, but they aren’t trained as managers to help their subordinates accomplish peak performance.

Finding your education and development demands based on directed results is only the start. The next stride is to generate a teaching dynamic training impulse for your business.

In today’s economy, if your business isn’t teaching, then you’re starting to fall behind. And a business sector finds as its people learn. Your employees are the unities that produce, refine, protect, deliver and handle your products or services every 24-hour interval, year in, year out. With the accelerated gait and international reach of the 21st C marketplace, constant learning is critical to your business’s continuing success.

To create a learning culture in your business organization, begin by distinctly conveying your outlook that employees should make the measures necessary to hone their job skills to continue on top of their occupations or fields of work. Make sure you support their attempts in this area by providing the resources they need to accomplish this goal. Second, communicate to your employees the specific training demands and targeted results you’ve established as a result of your needs analysis.

Third, provide a deep foundation and orientation course to your business culture, including your teaching culture, to any different employees you employ. This orientation course should introduce employees to your company, and furnish them with real training in the prosperous functions your company’s developed and learned over time.

Every successful training and development program also takes a portion that names your current and emerging leadership demands. At its centre, this factor must allow for the systematic recognition and development of your managers in terms of the leading style that thrusts your business enterprise and makes it different and profitable.

Financial circumstances related to education can be perplexing, but in most cases, the true budgetary affect depends on how well you manage the first three elements (needs analysis, learning and leadership). If your training is targeted to specific business solutions, then you’re more in all probability to be fortunate with what you spend on training. But if the training budget isn’t related to particular outcomes, then money is to a greater extent probable to be dropped on courses that have no positive affect on the business.

In many establishments, training budgets are exclusively a part of whether the business organization is reveling an lucrative upswing or supporting a downswing. In good times, companies often pass money on training that’s not meaningful to the business organization, and in bad times, this swings to the other extreme and training is extinguished altogether. In any economic environment, the training disbursement should be established by the directed business sector results you want, not other budget-related elements.

Staff are your principle business asset. Empower in them.

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Michael Hinart is one of the founders of Skills Training Toronto, one of Toronto’s superior professional skills development organizations specializing in corporate training, sales training, marketing training, customer service training and more with over 40 different training strengths.


What Keeps a Professional in Human Resources Up at Night?

April 15, 2014

DOL Initiatives- Wage and Hour/ Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Audits

Being sued for FLSA violations is getting easier by the day. And with a majority of the workforce classified as non-exempt (hourly workers subject to overtime payments), it’s crucial to know the ins and outs of the law. Companies that don’t are sitting ducks for costly lawsuits. Most lawsuits are caused by small errors made by well-intentioned companies trying their best to navigate this complicated statute.

Some of the most common errors are:

  • Misclassifying employees as exempt from overtime. This means your receptionist is probably not “salary exempt”!
  • Incorrect calculation of the “regular rate of pay” (by not including incentive bonuses, commissions, and shift differentials in the calculation of the overtime rate).
  • Failure to count all hours “worked” (examples include timekeeping systems that auto deduct for lunches, non-exempt employees who are deducted for lunches but were not “completely relieved of all duties”- hint- don’t let your non-exempt employees eat at their desks).
  • Failure to correctly pay for travel time.
  • Failure to keep accurate records of time worked. An easily implemented best practice is to have your employees sign their timecards attesting that the hours submitted are true and accurate.

The Wage and Hour Division is also developing a proposed rule requiring employers to take affirmative steps to ensure compliance with not only federal wage-and-hour, but safety, and anti-discrimination laws as well. The proposed plan, called “Plan, Prevent, and Protect” places the onus for federal compliance squarely on the shoulders of employers. Under the new strategy, employers must demonstrate to the DOL, as well as their employees, that they are affirmatively complying with federal wage-and-hour, job safety and anti-discrimination laws.

The first steps for employers would be to conduct workplace audits of company wage-and-hour policies and practices, specifically with regard to the classification of workers, requiring employers to perform a written classification analysis for exempt employees and share that analysis with the worker and reclassify any workers perceived to be misclassified. Other steps would be to audit their safety policies and practices; audit their anti-discrimination, harassment, retaliation policies, in addition to conducting regular management and employee trainings for all of the above. Not that this is a bad idea, but the extra work it creates for all employers is enormous.

DOL and IRS Combined Initiatives – Independent Contractor Status

In addition to the enforcement of the FLSA, the Wage and Hour Division is seeking to add hundreds of full-time staff to support the DOL’s initiative against the age-old problem of misclassification of independent contractors and other labor violations arising from misclassification. Along with the budget and staff increases, the DOL expects its investigations to increase as well in 2012. According the DOL’s budget summary, the DOL is planning on conducting an additional 3,250 investigations.

Recently, different news agencies such as the Wall Street Journal and the St. Petersburg Times have reported on a recent investigation by the Labor Department of large U.S. home builders such as Pulte, Lennar Corp., D.R. Horton Inc. and KB Home to see if they failed to pay workers the minimum wage or overtime. To determine if they are not in compliance, investigators have requested mountains of records, including employee time sheets, payroll and Social Security records.

Other industries targeted with higher rates of violations include:

  • Hospitality
  • Home health care
  • Grocery stores
  • Janitorial businesses
  • Poultry and meat processing
  • Child care
  • Business services
  • Landscaping

The IRS has also added additional staff to identify employers who are evading employment taxes by misclassifying employees as independent contractors. Given the Federal budget issues and revenue needed to fund programs such as Health Care Reform, the IRS has renewed its efforts to collect the millions of potential tax revenues created by employers and workers skirting their tax obligations by intentionally paying “under the table” or misclassifying workers who should be employees, as independent contractors. Penalties and interest add up quickly and officers or other management employees of the business can be held personally liable for the payroll taxes that should have been withheld and were not paid to the IRS.

It’s not all bad news though. The IRS has recently announced its new Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP). The program, which is designed to help employers resolve past worker classification issues, provides employers the opportunity to reclassify independent contractors as employees BEFORE an audit occurs.
Employers who voluntarily reclassify workers pursuant to the VCSP will receive substantial relief from the payment of past payroll taxes and related penalties and interest. To participate, an employer must apply to the program, agree to prospectively treat its workers or a class or group of workers as employees for federal employment tax purposes and pay 10 percent of the employment tax liability that would have been due on the employee’s compensation only for the most recent tax year. All in all, for an employer who may have been misclassifying workers for years, the savings could mean staying in business as opposed to being out of business.

Employee Engagement – Money is not the only motivator!

The days of employers espousing those words “you are just lucky to have a job” to their employees are over. Why? To generate profits, a business needs people who perform period. This type of culture kills employee motivation. Employers may not think they are sending this message, but chances are, if you are not actively fostering a culture of recognition where employees have access to positive, immediate, and certain recognition strategies, that is exactly what your employees perceive.

Today’s business leaders know that great companies are built by great people and their business success can always be attributed to the efforts of its team members. Engaged employees produce greater results. The concept seems simple, but many organizations have failed to invest in a recognition strategy and culture to motivate and drive engagement. When this integral component is lacking, companies struggle with high turnover rates, poor business results, unsatisfied employees, unsatisfied customers and a negative impact to the bottom line. Employee recognition is instrumental in contributing to a positive workplace and successful business performance. According to a recent study conducted by Northwestern University’s Forum for People Performance Management, “satisfied employees create satisfied customers, which improve the financial performance of the entire organization.”

The flip side is that when employees begin to disengage – or are no longer committed to their work – the bottom line suffers. Disengaged employees are discontent, unproductive, negative, and undermine the work of others. Nothing can help disengage an employee faster than a corporate culture that de-values employees as individuals and contributors to the business’ success. And why should you care if your employees are disengaged? Harold Gilstrap with Eagle Recognition cites statistics that illustrate the extent of this problem:

  • 25% of America’s workforce are employed in industries that report 100% turnover (turnover is expensive)
  • 70% of employees feel no obligation to stay with their current employer.
  • 19% of employees are very negative about their work. These employees are considered actively disengaged – also known as “out to lunch.”
  • 55% of employees are apathetic or uninterested.
  • 90% of voluntary resignations are due to feeling underappreciated (employees don’t leave companies, they leave bosses).
  • EEOC claims and wage and hour claims are at an all time high. Do you think those employees were engaged?

According to The Gallup Organization, “There are 22 million disengaged employees that cost the American economy up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity, including absence, illness and other problems that result when workers are unhappy at work.” However, most importantly, disengaged employees cause customers to do business elsewhere. Think about this: Approximately 96% of workers are members of some form of social networking site and the number one topic of discussion is work.

What Do the Best Companies Do About Disengaged Employees?

There is a reason that companies, books and programs that help devise employee recognition programs and train managers to be more aware of their staff’s engagement levels have been thriving in the current economy. Recognition programs have been proven to increase employee satisfaction, which is the key predictor of employee engagement. Organizations use recognition programs to strategically manage employees by keeping them engaged at work. An employer who cares about its employees and the bottom line will find out what motivates its specific employees. If you want to know what motivates your employees, ask them! Survey after survey has shown that it is not the annual increase that motivates employees. It is the on-going continual feedback, encouragement, opportunity for growth, positive company culture and recognition for their efforts. Determine what motivates your employees, deliver it and watch the resulting increase in customer satisfaction and profits..

I-9 Compliance and E-Verify: From Completion to Destruction and Multi-State issues.

ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement), the investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has been going out of its way to put employers on notice that they can expect more enforcement efforts directed at them. In June of 2011 the story was a front-page headline in the Wall Street Journal and was echoed on many other media sites. ICE announced that the Obama administration intensified a crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants, notifying another 1,000 companies in all 50 states that the government plans to audit their hiring records. It was not the first time in 2011 that they made this effort to get the attention of employers regarding the importance of hiring properly documented workers and proper completion of the I-9 form.

During an audit, the employer must provide I-9 employment-eligibility forms which contain Social Security numbers, dates of birth and statements by employees of their citizenship status. All employers must have a properly completed form for every worker completed at the time of hire. The employer physically reviews specifically authorized documents from a list that ICE has determined are sufficient to verify identity and eligibility to work in this country. The employer documents all of the details about the IDs on the form and must retain the form for 3 years from the date of hire or one year after termination of the employee, whichever is greater and have them readily available for inspection.

Going a step beyond making employers responsible for the I-9 completion, some lawmakers have proposed bills to make the use of E-Verify, the governments electronic work eligibility verification system, mandatory for all employers. So far only handfuls require E-Verify for All or Most Employers. Some states, frustrated with the Feds inability to come up with comprehensive immigration reform have created their own laws requiring the use of E-Verify to help deal with the overwhelming amount of illegals working in their jurisdictions. This has made things very tricky for multi-state employers. Proponents of mandatory E-Verify use hope that identifying and punishing those employers that knowingly use an illegal workforce will help stem the flood of illegal immigration. They reason that if illegals can’t work, they won’t come to the United States.

For all employers, the audits can lead to both civil and criminal penalties. The possibilities range from fines for incorrectly completing the I-9 form and being barred from competing for government contracts to criminal charges of knowingly employing illegal workers, evading taxes and engaging in identity theft that include jail sentences.

In light of the increased attention on immigration and work authorization it has become more important than ever for employers to understand the legal requirements and technicalities of proper completion of the I-9 as well as state specific regulations regarding E-Verify.

Unemployment Cost Containment- 3 year budgeting

For many years when you spoke to employers about their biggest concern that impacted their overall payroll costs, many would cite the rising costs in a volatile workers’ compensation market or the rising cost of health insurance.

Employers around the nation are getting hit with higher state unemployment taxes as states are forced to pay for more than $1 billion in interest payments this month. More than 30 states have borrowed billions from a federal fund to cover unemployment benefits for their jobless residents in recent years.

The unemployment system is an experienced rated system whereby the higher the claims posted to employer’s account, the higher that employer’s tax rate will become. In fact, many employers are now paying the highest state unemployment tax rate chargeable in a state while also experiencing an increase in the federal unemployment tax resulting in an increase in the overall employment cost of the employer’s workforce. In most states, an employer’s tax rate is based on the taxable wages and claims for the prior 3 years; therefore, the really bad recession years will not “roll off” until some point in the future.

Additionally, the federal unemployment tax is increasing in states with outstanding loans at the same time that the state unemployment tax is increasing for a double whammy. The federal law generally states that the net federal rate will increase by 0.3% each year that the loan is outstanding. The increase will be used to retire a portion of the loan, so the annual increases represent a method to eventually retire the federal loans. The increases are cumulative, so the first year is 0.3%, the second year is 0.6% while the third year is 0.9% and so forth.

During this time of rising unemployment tax costs, it is important for employers to focus on cost containment which includes the following steps:

  • Review the quarterly benefit statement to confirm that all charges are from actual former employees because these statements often contain charges from former employees of other companies. Companies certainly don’t want to be charged for the benefits paid to other companies’ employees.
  • Review the annual tax rate notice, including the data in the notice and the computation of your tax rate.
  • Review the reason for each termination and decide to fight those claims that are not warranted (for instance, when an employee resigns to work for another company or is terminated for cause).

As an employer, being aware of these issues and perhaps even putting some new policies and procedures in place or alternatively, hiring an HR professional to assist you in implementing the best practices mentioned in this article will help you sleep better at night too!

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Human Resources Inc. is an hr consulting and profession PEO services providing since 1997. We offer HR Management Services, Payroll Services, Employee Benefits & Reduction of Administrative Procedures and Paperwork in Florida & Georgia. HRI is your employee leasing specialist.


Stem Cell Research, Stem Cell Market Report

April 14, 2014

Debates on Stem Cell Research were there since several years whether it is the right thing to do or not. But, the research would helpful and a hope for cures. It helps in a many ways and provides solution for incurable illness. Firstly know about it refers to an undifferentiated cell that is capable of developing into other types of cells such as liver cells, kidney cells, brain cells, depending on their surrounding conditions. Cell Research is doing based on the biological found in all multicellular organisms. The research was proposed for scientific use and for the bioresearch centers.

Most will be done based on the human cells and the were divided into three groups’ embryonic, Adult stem cells and pluripotent. Research is done based on the type. There are several issues comes into the mind while dealing Research. The issues and the questions include how far we take the research and who to regulate the research. The different country governments are also issued some rules and regulations to be followed while doing the research.

Steam Cell Market Reports are delivered based on the requirement and the research report prepared. The emerged as a one of the major and important market throughout the worldwide, stem cell market reports are very helpful to understand the market trends and to came up with the new strategies. The research report generate the quantitative and qualitative report on changes and strategies happening in the industry which are including market forecasts, challenges and opportunities for expansion.

As research going in a fast ranges the Stem Cell Market Report are become necessary to identify the business information as well as their strength and weakness analysis. It’s also used to identify the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses as well. In a depth Market Reports are aimed to offer clients a strategic insight into the concerned industry, so that they can better check out the opportunities, which they can leverage to become the market leader. The reports help to identify and to understand market dynamics, to aware of the latest markets strategies and to get an idea for how to increase the business.

There are several issues comes into the mind while dealing with the Research. The issues and the questions include how far we take the research and who to regulate the research. The different country governments are also issued some rules and regulations to be followed while doing the research.

The emerged as a one of the major and important market throughout the worldwide, stem cell market reports are very helpful to understand the market trends and to came up with the new strategies

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The Stem Cell Research will be done based on the human cells and the stem cells were divided into three groups. The Stem Cell Market Report are become necessary to identify the business information as well as their strength and weakness analysis.


Applicant Tracking Analogies

April 14, 2014

Applicant tracking software is a technology that lets a company effectively hire the best talent in their sector. Although many businesses are starting to take advantage of this type of software to create an adept workforce, many still don’t get what applicant tracking really is. There are many American businesses, large and small, that are essentially still living in the dark ages of hiring; managing paper file cabinets, rolodexes and excel spreadsheets of potential candidates.

At a time when jobs are so important as a political and economic issue, these outdated companies need to get up to speed with their hiring practices and technology. For their benefit, I’ve created three useful analogies that help illustrate what applicant tracking software can do for a company.

Applicant Tracking Software is…

The cheese on a burger. Hamburgers are great and all; the beef, bun, lettuce, and tomato provides 95% of what you’re eating. However, without the cheese, the burger just isn’t the same. Whether it be Cheddar, Provolone, Swiss, Jack, American, or Gruyere, cheese is the perfect addition to your burger to make it great.

Applicant Tracking software is the cheese on your burger. You may have the hiring managers and recruiters in place to do a damn good job, however, without an applicant tracking solution they will be missing that one ingredient to make them great.

The Extra Mile. You hear it all the time: “go the extra mile.” What exactly is the extra mile and why do you want to traverse it? For a student, going the extra mile is putting in that final touch on a research paper that earns an “A” instead of an “A-”. For a musician, going the extra mile is differentiating a style of music to make it unique and truly enjoyable. For a runner, going the extra mile is… literally running an extra mile.

In the world of hiring, there are a thousand things a recruiter can do to secure the best possible candidate for a company. Applicant tracking software lets a recruiter go the extra mile by making sure all their bases have been covered and every possibility has been explored to secure that candidate.

Human Collaboration. Since the origins of humanity, what has truly set us apart from other animals is our ability to collaborate. Language, communication and collaboration have enabled mankind to survive, build technology, agriculture, and complex society.

Applicant tracking software is all about collaboration. It lets hiring managers and recruiters efficiently communicate with one another in a language they both can understand. It communicates to applicants, whether they are hired or not, by setting up careers pages and sending thank you letters.

Not all applicant tracking software is created equal and can do all of the above. The pinnacle of modern day applicant tracking software is Newton Software. Newton is intelligent software that makes the hiring process simpler for everyone involved. Newton is that extra ingredient that makes your hiring team great. Newton lets your company go the extra mile by tracking the best talent available. Newton let’s your team collaborate; with each other and with the software itself by providing in-depth reporting that can improve performance in the long term.

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