Can Recruiting Software help your large restaurant business?

August 21, 2014

This may surprise a lot of people, but for many restaurants, keeping the dining tables full is not
the most pressing problem. Staffing the kitchen and keeping it fully staffed is. For restaurant
owners, a move to acquire an Applicant Tracking System would be a move in the right direction,
considering that the problem of turnover is a perennial problem in the restaurant business. Low
margins force restaurant owners to offer the kitchen minimal pay. Add to this the pirating by
other restaurants of good people, the relative youth of the kitchen staff, and the fact that few
people want to do menial jobs, and you have a problem on your hands. Fortunately, there is
now the Applicant Tracking Software to come to restaurateur’s rescue. Here’s how an Applicant
Tracking Software could help.

Faster Management of Resumes and Applicant Information

If you’re looking for a Sommelier (wine manager) with a special familiarity with Northwest
Italy wines, you can either go over three dozen files one by one, or you could invest in some
Applicant Tracking Software and let your computer do the job for you. All you have to do is type
in the appropriate search words, and in a nanosecond have a dozen or so possible candidates
on your screen. This and the easy retrieval of data are two advantages of an Applicant Tracking
System, by themselves enough to make every small business owner want to grab this marvel of
a software application, but they are not by any means the only advantages.

Matching Personalities

Remember that, for the most part, there’s as much hierarchy in the kitchen as in the Vatican.
Everyone has a title and a specific set of responsibilities to discharge. There’s a chef de cuisine,
the head of the kitchen. There’s a sous chef, the second in command. There’s the chef de partie
or station chef and head of a particular production are. In addition, there could be a saute chef,
a fish chef, a vegetable chef, a pastry chef, a roundsman, and a butcher. Completing the staff are
the runners, busboys, dishwashers, and cashiers.

Being artists, expect each of these individuals to be a little touchy sometimes, peevish the rest
of the time. Just imagine were any one, two, or even three of these essential parts of your
organization to decide one day to quit. That would be chaos! It’s important, therefore, to get
people who could work well together, and the key to this is to spend time speaking to each
candidate during the interview, which would not be possible were the restaurant owner to
spend all of his time taking out files, and pouring over the contents.

Savings in Time Reading and Filing

Savings in time reading and filing resumes is another. With top notch recruiting software, reading
and filing resumes is a breeze. Reading is one thing, filing is another. With a manual system,
things might become “lost” in the maze of Windows Outlook files, but not with an automated
Applicant Tracking System. The advantages of the software application could be easily apparent
in other areas as well. If you haven’t done so already, look into a good applicant tracking system
for your restaurant. It could be the best investment you make this year.

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Promoting Your Tulsa Business

August 20, 2014

We all know how difficult it is to attract new business in this economic downturn. While the pundits assure us that things are better than they seem, at your Tulsa business people still aren’t spending any money. If someone makes the decision to spend their money, you want to have the best opportunity to attract their business.

With that goal in mind, you might want to consider signing up for an online directory that features only Tulsa business. No company wants to compete with the listings that Yahoo or Google pull up. Their system of evaluating companies seems to have more to do with a company’s ability to pay larger fees or generate better search engine formulae than that of the average Joe.

By joining an internet business directory that serves your city alone, you ensure that your business is found quickly and frequently. You can opt to have your business listed under several different categories, increasing the odds of a hit. Ratings given by other locals are more important to people looking for a new company than ratings given to a branch hundreds of miles away. Additionally, encouraging local connections is good for all businesses, not just yours.

Using every tool available to promote your company will ensure your success. You want to be easily found. Unless your name comes up early in the alphabet, large search engines may require a potential client to scroll through many pages to find you. By listing in a city specific directory, you significantly reduce the number of competitors seen by a potential customer. The more quickly your company comes up, the more calls you will get.

It doesn’t take much to get listed in a local online directory. Companies that create these directories will help you design a listing, or several listings, that will help draw business quickly and reliably. Take some time to look at what is available online and join the revolution.

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, take a moment and visit us at


Job Recruiting Software

August 20, 2014

There are different levels of inefficiency in every company. It’s impossible for everything to run at peak performance levels all the time, but there are some areas where you can make improvements to get things right more often than you get them wrong. Adding new job recruiting software to the arsenal of tools your human resource department has is one of those areas. Being able to keep better track of who is applying for which position and how many candidates you have for that job will help personnel managers make better choices when it comes time to hire someone.

Stress is a killer, for both individuals and companies. When you have inefficiency, you have stress, either on the level where the inefficiency is happening or several levels removed where the domino effect has employees and management constantly fighting an uphill battle. When human resources hires someone who can’t handle the job they’ve been assigned to, it causes problems in areas where others depend on that job getting done. Nine times out of ten the wrong choice was made on the initial hire because the software used to track candidates was poor quality.

Shipping and receiving is a good example. There are a number of different positions in a warehouse and each is dependent upon the other to make a company efficient. Trucks arrive on a regular schedule and when they do there needs to be someone there to unload them. The load is placed on pallets and forklift operators bring it into the main warehouse where it needs to be sorted and either re-shipped or stocked on retail shelves out front. All-in-all, there are five different job positions available just to handle this one simple process. That can’t be too difficult to hire for, right?

Want to see fireworks? Try putting a forklift operator into a role where he’s stocking shelves or pasting price tags on canned goods. Not only does the position typically pay less, but he may not be qualified to do it. Driving a forklift doesn’t require the same kind of raw physical power that picking up fifty pound boxes does. So how did he end up with this job? That’s easy to explain. Someone in human resources, using a very limited job applicant tracking system, classified everyone as shipping and receiving. He got sent here because that keyword popped his resume in a search.

This may sound silly, but it happens, especially in this economy. The forklift driver, under normal circumstances, would turn the job down. Today he just might take it, struggle through it, and contribute to inefficiency in the warehouse. He’ll eventually get stressed out and quit, and the rest of the staff will be affected by it, both during and after his tenure. Worse yet, the entire situation could have been avoided if the company had just invested in better job recruiting software. They didn’t, and this isn’t the only problem that has been caused by that. You should see the mess in the IT department.


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Does your company have an internal communications strategy?

August 19, 2014

One of the most under-rated factors affecting the success of business enterprises is internal communication. Even small businesses with a handful of staff need to keep their employees aware of what is going on in the company to prevent dissatisfaction, disillusionment and high staff turnover. Internal communications is best managed in-house, so that information is conveyed by people in the know – people with a vest interested in the company concerned. But it’s not uncommon for some companies to outsource internal communications

If outsourcing is the preferred option, then businesses need to ensure that they hire an agency that specialises in a range of communications-related fields, such as public relations, human resources and even psychology.

Internal communications is important for two reasons:

1) It allows management to disseminate company information to all employees in a manner that doesn’t lead to confusion or misunderstanding.

2) It allows employs to communicate with management through proper channels and gives them a voice through which their opinions and grievances can be heard.

These two factors have knock-on effects that resonate throughout the business and affect things like company morale, productivity and even the company’s external reputation.

In an ideal world, business enterprises should have an internal communications strategy. According to RapidBI, one of the most fundamental principles underlying such a strategy is to tell employees why, not just what. Unfortunately, it’s not a principle embraced by many large corporations, which tend to favour the voice-from-the-heavens approach.

The first step in devising an internal communications strategy is, as with so many plans, to determine the status quo. How are employees currently receiving information and how do they communicate themselves?

The strategy needs to be closely aligned to company goals and how everyone in the company can contribute to those goals, as well as what the people in the company need to help them achieve those goals. This is where the background in human resources comes in. IC teams then need to determine the different roles, responsibilities, activities and mediums that will comprise the strategy.

It’s generally accepted that face-to-face communication works best when conveying important company information. This can be done on a one-on-on or a group basis. They can be as simple as short group briefings or extend into full day seminars. The medium should suit the audience, for example, email communications wouldn’t do a group of construction workers much good.

Crisis communications plans are integral to IC strategies. Companies need to address crises head-on, externally as well as internally. Nothing hurts morale more than wisps of rumours and scaremongering. Employees need to know the truth of what is going on and need to be assured that the matter is in hand.

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How Green Alternative Systems Provides Alternative Fuel Options To The Transportation Industry

August 19, 2014

Fleets all over the world have been considering alternative fuel options as a way to grow their companies by saving on costs, while at the same by providing solutions for a healthier planet. Alternative fuel options such as CNG, [compressed natural gas] bi-fuel and LPG [liquefied propane gas] offer transportation industries with the cost saving and environmental solutions that they have been searching for.

With high quality fueling systems installed by certified and professional technicians, principal decision makers can invest in a fueling system that has the potential to save significant costs, while offering an environmentally friendly alternative to their clients.

The Benefits of CNG Systems

Compressed natural gas is a safer and affordable solution to gasoline and diesel fueling systems. CNG systems provide vehicles with a cleaner burning fuel source that saves costs on:

• Oil Changes
• Tune Ups
• Parts Replacement
• Fuel Costs
• Overall Extended Vehicle Lifespan

CNG is a safer option as it is lighter than air, and evaporates when it releases, in the event of an accident or vehicle malfunction. Gasoline will not evaporate quickly and can be more prone to burning.

In addition to safety, industries that switch to compressed natural gas fueling systems can receive incentives and deductibles from the U.S. government, for their investment into a more sustainable planet.

The Safety of Bi-Fuel Systems

Bi-fuel systems are another alternative that companies are turning to for cost-efficiency and to fulfill their customer’s demands for an environmentally friendly option. Bi-fuel systems work by running a vehicle on both compressed natural gas and gasoline or diesel. The vehicle has two separate fuel tanks and the fuel that is burned can be automatically or manually switched to burn one fuel or the other at a time. A conversion company such as Green Alternative Systems adheres to all of the NFPA’s 52 standards that have been incorporated by law. This fueling alternative is safe and effective.

The Advantages of LPG Alternative Fueling Options

Liquefied propane gas is a low cost option to fuel conversion. CleanFuel USA Liquid Propane Injection [LPI] systems provide a fully integrated, dedicated engine fuel system. LPI is a direct replacement to OEM gasoline injection systems and is a clean burning fossil fuel that releases few toxic and smog-forming air pollutants. The system delivers propane to the cylinders, in a liquid form resulting in:

• Lower intake valve temperatures
• Denser air-fuel charges
• More complete combustion and lower emissions. This provides an improved fuel economy and performance.

With LPI systems being typically less expensive than gasoline and the LPG being used in the United States being mostly from domestic source, LPI provides an opportunity for businesses to help reduce the dependency on imports.

How to Get an Alternative Fuel System Installed

Green Alternative Systems provides CNG, bi-fuel and LPG fuel systems to transportation industries in the United States. All of their alternative fuel options are installed by certified and trained technicians. For more information on Green Alternative Systems and their products visit, Greenalternativesystems.

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How Long Can I Wait to Complete the I-9?

August 18, 2014

As added protection to your business, the government requires that you as the employer must have every employee hired fill out the I-9 form. This form from the IRS has been in practice since November 6, 1896 and is simply insurance that you have checked that your employee has the documents and ability to work legally in the United States. Regardless of current immigration status, all workers including U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary foreign citizens are required to provide documentation.

You have some leeway as to when this document is completed:

Section one must be completed prior to the end of the employee’s first full day. Sections two and three must be completed prior to the end of the employee’s third day.

The law dictates that employees must complete the documents while working for pay. It is not unusual for an employer to have an newly hired employee bring the acceptable documents on his or her first day, whether it is to start work or just as orientation, and complete all three sections.

For an employee that is only to be hired for three days, the entire document must be completed on the first day of employment.

Discrimination laws prevent any employer from terminating an employee after hire simply based on the documents that are provided. This is assuming the employee has provided the necessary documents proving eligibility to lawfully work in the U.S. It is also unlawful to determine employment eligibility solely based on acceptable documents.

While an instruction form is available for print in Spanish, at this time the form must be completed in English.

All completed I-9 forms must remain on file for three years from the date of hire or one year from the date of termination.

It may seem unnecessary, but this form that takes only minutes to complete can save you and your business from criminal penalties if you are unable to provide proof of i-9 compliance.

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What happens if your business doesn’t utilize recruitment tracking software?

August 17, 2014

Picture this. You’re an Executive Chef at a posh restaurant. There’s going to be a 500-pax
wedding in six days and you’re without your Chef de Partie, your pastry chef, and your trusted
butcher. As it happened, the Chef de Partie had a friend in one of the big casinos in Las Vegas,
and they needed an Executive Chef. That’s one opportunity the Chef de Partie couldn’t pass up,
so he grabbed it, but not before taking others with him.

Now you are also missing two busboys, both old hands and very experienced, and one runner-
- you could do with quick temps, but the others are simply irreplaceable! Fortunately for you,
the HR department of the country club you work at acquired a Web based job applicant tracking
system just six months ago, and HR is confident that they will have your kitchen completely
staffed again in two days.

The case we’re describing here is not exceptional. In today’s fast paced world, every business
owner has to contend with the everyday possibility that a trusted employee might leave.
Communications have come to a point that there’s probably nothing that’s not public
knowledge right away. We all know that the moment someone “hears the word” about job
opportunities, it will soon be known by the rest of the world. Those familiar with Facebook,
Twitter, and LinkedIn can attest to it.

Job opportunities, therefore, are open to all in a way that was not possible twenty years ago.
This is one of the main reasons for the high turnover in many industries, the hospitality industry,
for instance, of which restaurants are a part. The implication is clear. A restaurant owner has to
make his establishment the most attractive place to work in, or has to accept that, at any time,
he or she could lose some key people, and management and HR better be in a position to find
replacements quickly. It’s that or the restaurant might go under. Here’s how an ATS applicant
tracking system could help:

Faster Management of Resumes and Applicant Information

With job applicant tracking software, the business owner could go over dozens of resumes in
half the time that using the traditional individual files in separate folders would take. Searching
for candidates is made easy because of the search function found in ATS applicant tracking

Suppose a restaurant owner is looking for a pastry chef who specializes in choux and phyllo
pastries. Shortcrust pastry chefs are numerous and many are readily available, but it’s not very
easy to find good choux and phyllo pasty chefs. With a job applicant tracking system, however,
finding one is made easier, all one has to do is to type the right search words, and the ATS
applicant tracking system will do the rest.

Productivity improvements

The time saved searching for possible candidates is time that’s better spent in candidate
evaluation. The benefit to the business owner is readily apparent: better evaluation results in a
better fit, making the chances better than even that the candidate would not leave so soon like
the previous employees.

Allows Automation of the Recruitment Process

The beauty of an Automatic Tracking Software is that its benefits extend beyond data mining
and collection. The small business entrepreneur could actually automate his recruitment
process via a clearly defined workflow showing the sequence of connected steps from
application to processing to deployment to payment

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Working with the Generations: An HR Perspective

August 17, 2014

You look over today’s inbox and shake your head. Although it’s a new day, it seems to be the same old issues cropping up again and again. Jody, a Boomer manager, is hiring again after losing another “disloyal Gen X-er”. Greg, also a Boomer manager, is complaining about his staff of mostly Gen Y employees – surely HR can “fix” these folks – perhaps a course or workshop on professional office behaviour would do the trick? In another department, Susan, a newly-hired Gen Y would like to talk to you about career opportunities in the organization. Given that she’s been employed for 6 months, surely it’s time to move up and take on tasks with greater responsibility. Lastly, your CEO has again declined your suggestion that employees of different generations want different things.

You take a deep breath and consider things from each person’s perspective, this time adding a generational lens. Jody and Greg are both hard-working Baby Boomer managers whose careers have been characterized by 60-hour work weeks. After many years of paying their dues, success has come to both in the form of promotions to prestigious positions, comfortable corner offices, and other status symbols. While they may both choose to continue working for many years to come, they’re interested in passing along the torch to younger generations of employees, finally allowing them to have a greater balance between work and life. Sadly, Gen X and Y just don’t seem willing to put in the same amount of time and dedication to take on more senior roles. Instead, they want work/life balance now and put a greater emphasis on getting tasks done rather than hours worked. Added to that is their expectation of ongoing feedback and recognition for work well done – the notion of an annual performance review containing a year’s worth of feedback just doesn’t work for these employees.

This leads you to think about Jody’s “disloyal Gen X-er”. Gen X-ers aren’t really disloyal, but they have a different definition of loyalty. For them, it’s loyalty to their immediate managers and to themselves, meaning they’re looking for ways to maintain and enhance their marketability…just in case. You know that some of these folks are interested in moving into more senior roles, and in fact are seeking higher profiles in the organization, consisting of challenging work assignments and interaction with senior leaders. Similarly to their Gen Y counterparts, they’re also not willing to wait forever for opportunities to appear, and are more likely than either their Boomer or Veteran counterparts to look outside of the organization if dissatisfied.

While on the subject of opportunities, your mind turns to Susan, a talented Gen Y, who after 6 months of employment is already thinking about her next step. Gen Ys have always been involved and aware of what’s happening in the world around them – how could they not be with unprecedented access to just about everything, ranging from the Internet, to CNN, to ATMs? Added to that is the fact that they were consulted by their parents, teachers and coaches on decisions that impacted them and they’ve brought this expectation forward into the workplace. This means they’re looking for opportunities to manage their careers, and want to understand what their career path will look like with your organization. It also means that Gen Ys want challenging, meaningful work, with opportunities for growth and development, accompanied by ongoing coaching and feedback to help them “get it right”. Surprisingly, Greg’s suggestion of a workshop on acceptable office behaviour has some merit, given that many Gen Ys need direction about what’s acceptable and what’s not. This can range from use of the internet and Facebook, to company expectations around personal cell phones and dress code.

What about your CEO’s perspective – do employees of different generations really want different things? Yes, when it comes to things like frequency of feedback and recognition, hours of work, and even communication, there are definite differences. There are similarities between the groups as well. For example, all employees are looking for greater work/life balance even though their solutions may vary. While Gen Ys might look for flexibility in starting and ending times, Boomers and Veterans may seek reduced hours or more time off during certain times of the year as a transition into retirement. Another commonality is the need for genuine caring and appreciation for work done, and the ability to make a significant, positive contribution through one’s work. So while there are differences in how needs are met, there are factors that are common to everyone.

So, next time you’re dealing with Jody, Susan, your CEO, or anyone else facing generational differences, here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Everyone wants timely and meaningful feedback and encouragement. This is especially true of corrective feedback; however, how it’s provided may vary. While Gen X-ers tend to appreciate straightforward messaging, Gen Ys may respond better to softer messaging.
  • Boomers want to excel in their careers. Recognizing their accomplishments with some sort of visible reward may be very motivating to Boomer employees.
  • Gen X-ers enjoy a certain amount of independence and control over their work, and seek to develop portable skills through challenging work assignment. They also define success differently from their Boomer counterparts, and while some seek to move up, others are happy to move laterally, acquiring new skills.
  • Boomers and Veterans are just as interested in being productive contributors as younger employees. Providing them with opportunities to mentor or pass along knowledge to others may reinvigorate their careers.
  • Gen Ys are extremely comfortable with technology and expect organizations to stay current. Rather than working harder, they will find ways to work smarter by using technology to its fullest.
  • Most importantly, while generational differences provide one type of insight into employees’ behaviours and expectations, these can also be impacted by many other factors such as culture and personality.

These tips and many more are discussed in the seminar “Leading Through Generational Differences” offered through the Continuing Education Business and Professional Programs at the University of Calgary.

About the Author

Dasa Chadwick is a leadership and learning professional with 20 years of experience in management and adult education roles. She has worked in a number of sectors including telecommunications, oil and gas, utilities, hospitality and insurance. A part-time instructor with the University of Calgary, she holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University.


Payroll Outsourcing:Better Efficiency And Greater Earnings For Organization

August 16, 2014

If you are industrialist or entrepreneur it is very essential decision to outsource the payroll functions to an outsourcing service like fully managed payroll service.This can normally reduce the costs involved in having payroll trained employees in-house as well as the costs of systems and software needed to process a payroll. Payroll outsourcing is Commmonly used by many mid-sized organizations for changing employee remuneration can reduce the extreme burden of work load by shifting payroll burden to the appointed firm.Hence no requirement to appoint employees in the payroll maintenance section and this elimination is going to prove beneficial for you.By appointing a dedicated payroll outsourcing firm, you can review the updated records by accessing the online controls and you can receive the monthly records with graphical presentation.

To make your online business successful and respond to the changing official requirements, you must equip your business with Online Payroll .You can print and e-mail the payment statement of employees by mentioning their account numbers if you are arranging a huge organization.With a wide scope of functions and activities, payroll software contributes in the growth of a particular organization. It demands less time and calculates accurate figures for generating employee master data. Moreover, the maintenance of this program does not require much.

The Significance of HR jobs India Raised day by day with the growth of HR outsourcing services,Indian economy has seen lot of advancement in recent is recognized by managing and tackling all the issues concerned with the recruitment, management and appraisal in a company also you can hire the deserving candidates easily. Moreover, HR jobs India maintain Good Relation with their employees and organize assorted fun occasion, events and junctures.The Other advantages of outsourcing that go beyond money are Focus On Core Activities,Operational Control,Staffing Flexibility.
Hence no requirement to appoint employees in the payroll maintenance section and this elimination is going to prove beneficial for you.By appointing a dedicated payroll outsourcing firm, you can review the updated records by accessing the online controls and you can receive the monthly records with graphical presentation.

To make your online business successful and respond to the changing official requirements, you must equip your business with Online Payroll .You can print and e-mail the payment statement of employees by mentioning their account numbers if you are arranging a huge organization.With a wide scope of functions and activities, payroll software contributes in the growth of a particular organization.

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Looking for Payroll outsourcing? HR jobs India, Online Payroll offering you human resource management outsourcing and HR jobs India.


5 Things to Consider When Looking for HR Administration Specialists

August 15, 2014

HR administration is all about managing the company’s human’s resources, which are in fact one of the company’s most valuable assets. Included here are recruitment and selection of employees, assessment, rewards and training for employees, various employee relations functions and administration of payroll and benefits. In most cases, handling company culture, organizational leadership, compliance with labor laws and serving as the company’s liaison with the labor union representative during collective bargaining agreement are also part of hr administration. Human resource administration is typically headed by a hr director and is composed of a team of professionals.

Here are some tips on finding HR administration specialists:

1. Experts in hr administration know that one of their main functions is taking good care of employees and improving their employment experience. They should also be able to provide you with a business strategy that can help your company meet the demands of a more competitive business environment.

2. HR administration experts should be able to give you a clear idea on how they will support the company’s objectives and prevent low performance and shortage of skilled employees at any point. One of the ways to address these is to have constant communication with the executive management and the department heads to determine the personnel needs as well as the company objectives.

3. Like most heads of organizations, particularly the small to medium enterprises, you might be thinking of outsourcing one for your company. Outsourcing is certainly cost-effective and, at the same time, allows you to find the best people for the job. You just need to make sure that – as you would when you hire an in-house team – the offshore team that will handle your HR concerns is composed of trained HR professionals and experts in the different HR functions. Outsourcing HR management also saves time and often gives companies a wider range of HR services. This is particularly suitable for companies that are expanding the structure of their organization. Other companies find that outsourcing allows them to focus on operational tasks and other top priority company functions. Human resources functions that are typically outsourced include handling recruitment, payroll, benefits, training and testing, organizing the HR administration and, in some cases, updating the procedures of human resources administration.

4. Your team of human resources specialists should be knowledgeable in using modern technologies and technical platforms that make several functions more convenient for the company.

5. HR administration specialists should have a combination of top level education and training and characteristics or attitudes suited for the job. They should also have the appropriate job experience and the commitment to providing top level support. Whether in-house or outsourced, your team of human resources administration specialists should be able to expertly manage the typical as well as the more complex HR concerns and must be constantly up to date with trends and changes in HR practices.

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